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Cyber Insurance - What is at stake?

Cyber insurance has been given greater attention recently, globally. Insurance companies are double-sided with respect to cyber risk. They are prime targets of cyber criminals for holding large amounts of personal data and, on the other hand, they design and sell insurance that protects their customers.

What fundamental trends will mark the insurance digital transformation agenda in 2021?​

Five insurance thought leaders, ranging from founders to transformation experts, give their view.​

Interview: José Galamba de Oliveira, President, Portuguese Association of Insurers

You took part in the start-up of an imminently technological bank, of which you are still executive director (BIG – Global Investment Bank). You were CEO of Accenture Portugal where you led many technological (...)

Transformação digital nos seguros e o peso do legacy mental (PT version only)

Vivemos numa era digital e as nossas aspirações e expectativas são determinadas pela conveniência e eficiência trazidas pelas novas tecnologias. Mesmo que existam processos, produtos e grupos populacionais com   (…) 

Beyond Insurance – the new strategy for incumbents?

About 3 years ago, we started to hear about beyond insurance. Large international groups are developing strategies to build beyond insurance ecosystems, managed through (...)


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TDI Investigates - APIs_banner

API’s & micro-services are often referred to in the context of legacy systems, and whilst that is an important aspect, it certainly isn’t the whole story. In this event, with IBA, Shift Technology and Lisa insurtech, we explore how API’s & micro-services offer an alternative to totally replacing legacy systems and explore the importance of these technologies in facilitating new business models and ecosystems

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