Transformação digital nos seguros e o peso do legacy mental (PT version only)

Vivemos numa era digital e as nossas aspirações e expectativas são determinadas pela conveniência e eficiência trazidas pelas novas tecnologias. Mesmo que existam processos, produtos e grupos populacionais com (…)

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Interview: José Galamba de Oliveira, President, Portuguese Association of Insurers

You took part in the start-up of an imminently technological bank, of which you are still executive director (BIG – Global Investment Bank). You were CEO of Accenture Portugal where you led many technological (...)

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Insurtech Panorama in Portugal: 2019

Insurtech in Portugal has been experiencing a period of development with an accelerated dynamism. Any player can bring innovation to the industry, but there is no doubt that startups bring tremendous energy to this process. I herein will focus on the important role of these small and agile business units, and also relate them to other relevant stakeholders of the process. (...)

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Will tech save health insurance?

The Health at a Glance study, released on November 7 by the OECD, reveals that Portuguese families have to pay more and more to care for their health. (...)

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Web Summit Portugal 2019 flashback

Those who were in Lisbon between November 4th and 7th will have felt a hype, hyperactive, cosmopolitan and frenetic atmosphere in the city. For 4 days and 4 nights the city (...)

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Portugal - an investor's heaven for (insur)tech businesses?

Portugal, a small country at the south western tip of Europe, has since the turn of the decade, year on year, attracted increasing international attention from tourists and investors, reaching a record 12.8 million foreign visitors in 2018, for a population of just over 10 million. (...)

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man presenting

Protechting, an accelerator program servicing a corporate group

The InsurTech world is composed of startups seeking to develop products and solutions that can improve our relationship to insurance, providing a better experience and adequacy relating to risk. (...)

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InsurTech/Fintech – New Ecosystems

Where will this unstoppable revolution called digital transformation lead us after all? (...)

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